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How to sit ergonomically at your desk

Did you know that the average office worker sits at their desk for almost six hours? Do you know how to sit on your chair properly to reduce the chances of getting back, neck or knee pain or even tingling in your hands and fingers? Pull up a chair (!) and I’ll talk... read more

What do I put in my email signature?

Do you use a signature in your work emails? If you don’t, I really encourage you to start using including an email signature at the bottom of your emails. A good email signature conveys four key pieces of information: Who you are What you do Where you do it Ways... read more

Office Admin – What I Actually Do (Meme)

There’s a new meme* going around at the moment, called “What I Actually Do”. It’s been popping up a lot on Facebook – have you come across them? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can take a look here to get the... read more
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