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Pick up some new tips for your beauty routine courtesy of some of my favourite beauty blogs

1. How to cover under eye dark circles

It turns out that I’ve been applying concealer incorrectly for all these years. Madeline from The Daily Mark has put together a simple how-to for hiding the evidence of a big night out.

2. Three mistakes you’re making with dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is my best friend. I use it on the days I’m not washing my hair and it gives my hair a nice boost and removes the yucky oily look. Christina from Hair Romance shows us the light and the best way to use dry shampoo.

3. How to wear lipstick

I am a shy petal when it comes to lipstick. I tend to stick with muted colours or a nude lip gloss. Gillian from Champagne Cartel has put together an extensive collection of tips for those of us who are lippie-challenged.

4. Quick after-gym hair and make up fixes

Brilliant tips in this piece from the Fernwood blog. Quick and simple ways you can streamline your hair and make up routine after your workout (or, in my case, when you’ve slept in!).

5. Life-saving beauty hacks 

Okay, this is a big one; 41 Buzzfeed tips from the best way to dry your hair (with an old t-shirt!) to using a spoon for perfect wing-tip eyeliner.

What’s YOUR #1 beauty tip? Share it with us!

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