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Can you smell it in the air? The long weekend is almost here!

Long weekends are fabulous, but the shortened working week can wreak havoc. How are we expected to get 5 days’ worth of work done in 4?

I thought I’d share with you my plans for coping with a short working week:

  1. Be honest when creating to do lists for the days leading up to the long weekend. Overloading the list won’t do anyone any favours
  2. With any work that definitely won’t get done before the long weekend, pop it out of sight (try the Happy Days filing method)
  3. Check any recurring tasks that are set for the extra day off work. I have a bunch of daily and weekly recurring tasks in Outlook and I would rather do the task early, rather than late
  4. Turn on the out-of-office notification, especially if the long weekend is state-specific there are colleagues and/or clients on the other side of the country
  5. Tidy the desk and even try to take the time to spray’n’wipe it. Coming back from a long weekend to a clean desk is sure to inspire productivity.
You could also take a look at Kevin Purdy’s piece for more ideas.

How do you cope with short working weeks? I’d love to hear your tips!

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