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Sponsored by Tripsafe

Here in Australia, we have workplace legislation to ensure workers are protected if we’re injured at work. Which is great – being hurt at work is no fun, especially if we had to take time off work, or pay out of our own pocket for medical treatment.

Anyone who’s been injured, though, knows what a pain in the backside it is to fill out the paperwork. Honestly, it’s almost as painful as the injury itself. Forms filled out in triplicate. Follow up forms. Then even more forms.

Ugh. It’s Death by Paperwork.

Two of the most common causes of workplace injuries are trips and slips, and it results in thousands of injuries every year (source). Slips and trips can cause musculoskeletal injuries, cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations. And those are just the not-so-serious injuries.

With so much technology driving business, there are cords EVERYWHERE. And cords can be one of the biggest safety issues in the office. One of the best products to keep cords under control is a cable cover.

Cable covers are basically a big strip of velcro, and are used on carpet to cover cords. I’ve been using them for 5+ years now and they’ve become an essential part of every workplace since.

I’ve used cable covers to cover:

  • networking cables that need to cross walkways through the office
  • extension leads for power boards at conferences and big meetings
  • VGA cables from a portable projector to a laptop at presentations
  • power cable for the photocopier that sits against a wall that has (weirdly) no power point.

If you want a long cable cover, they can be pricey. The 1.8-metre cover that Tripsafe sent me though, is less than $40, and to me, is a no-brainer. It’s cheap, it’ll keep you safe, and save you from mountains of paperwork.

I’ve been using my Tripsafe cable cover for a few weeks, and it’s done the rounds in my office. It’s not shown any wear and the velcro doesn’t cause the carpet to pill (super important when you have a lease!). Comparing the Tripsafe cover to the ones I already use at work (they’re a couple of years old, from another brand), there’s one big difference – the Tripsafe covers are fully-lined with velcro. The other covers (who shall remain brand-less), have just 2 narrow strips of velcro. More velcro equals more grip, which equals better safety (in my humble opinion!). Totally a winner in my book.

Tripsafe is all about making your workplace or home safer by reducing trip hazards via innovative solutions to tidying messy cables. They’re a great Aussie business :)

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