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How safe is your email address? Do you know if a service you use has been hacked and you need to change your password for that service? Find out how!

When I hear about security breaches in the news, I struggle to know if it affects ME. Do I need to change the password for my email? What about my passwords for Facebook, eBay, Twitter and the gazillion other services I use online?

It’s enough to make me raid the lolly jar on my desk. Mmm, chocolate freckles.

One way to check is to check online.  There are a multitude of online services like PwnedList.com and ShouldIChangeMyPassword.com that can tell you (for free!) if your email address has been compromised.

But the best service I’ve found is one that was recommended to me this week; it’s called HaveIBeenPwned and it’s my top pick cause it does these three things

  1. It tells you if your email address has been compromised
  2. If your email address HAS been compromised, it tells you where it’s been compromised
  3. You can receive an email if you email address is compromised in the future

I’m sure it’s not a foolproof check, but it’s one hell of a start. I’ve checked my personal email address as well as my work one, just to be safe.

(P.S. not sure what ‘pwned’ means? It’s geek-speak for being conquered, or, ‘owned’ :) )

Got any tips for protecting your email address online? Tell me all about it!

Image credit: darwin Bell on Flickr

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