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I love being in the office on Melbourne Cup day. We have treats of some kind (sometimes cupcakes, sometimes champers!) and we have a late lunch that runs long so we can watch the race together.

One part I don’t like is managing the sweeps; it’s so fiddly and noisy! Last year I created a spreadsheet to calculate the winnings of a sweep depending on how much the entry fee is. (Which is since become the 2nd biggest download on the website!)

Today I realised what the next biggest issue is when I’m running the office sweeps: The draw! The cutting, drawing names from the hat and madly writing down who drew which horse.

So I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet that will randomly draw the Melbourne Cup office sweeps for you.

How to use the Melbourne Cup office sweep draw randomiser in Microsoft Excel

When you open the downloaded spreadsheet (link below) you’ll be notified that there is a macro running in the macro – the macro is safe; it automates the randomisation of the draw :)



You’ll see column B is empty and ready for you to input the names of your team members who are up for a punt. Column C of the spreadsheet lists the names of the 2014 Melbourne Cup runners (as of Sunday night before the race anyway! Hopefully none are scratched).

All you have to do is input the names of your punters – remember that a name needs to be inputted as many times as the number of tickets. So, if Jake buys 4 tickets, you need to pop his name 4 times in column B of the spreadsheet.

Then, when all the names are in, you just have to click the button!


If you haven’t downloaded it already, here’s the file again:



Don’t forget that you can check out this post for a downloadable spreadsheet to calculate the winnings of a sweep depending on how much the entry fee is.

Happy punting!

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