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I think these days everyone know at least one keyboard shortcut. Even if it’s Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+V for paste or Ctrl+A for select all. 20 little-known (but still useful) keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office Word 2010 | PDF DownloadKeyboard shortcuts do wonders for our efficiency at our desk. When you’re typing away, you’re far better off to use keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse – from an ergonomic perspective as well as in terms of your personal productivity. I wanted to put together a cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts to use in Microsoft Office Word, but didn’t want to just re-hash those boring charts with shortcuts I already know by heart. So instead, here is a list of some cool, handy keyboard shortcuts that work in Word 2010 (and probably in older versions, too). These are shortcuts I didn’t know about before today, so if you already know some/all of these, feel free to feel superior right about now! It’s an A4 PDF, so it’ll be really easy for you to print off and stick on your document holder or blu-tak to your wall. I really hope you can learn some new tricks with these! {filelink=1}

Do you use keyboard shortcuts? Do you think it’s quicker to use keyboard shortcuts, or the trusty ol’ mouse?

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