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Hey there, Smarter readers! Today I have something special to show you; it’s our first review post on Smarter Admins! The lovely people from Brother have generously lent me their brand new labeller, the P-touch PT-2730.

Brother P-touch PT-2730
$199.00 RRP
Available from Officeworks (at RRP),  check ShopBot if you’re looking to save some $.

When Brother sent me the P-touch PT-2730 label printer to review for Smarter Admins, I wasn’t sure if I would find value in a single-purpose device that costs just under $200. After two weeks of giving the machine a decent workout, I don’t want to give it back. Keep reading to find out why!

The PT-2730 is a nifty little machine. With a footprint of about 18cm x 24cm, it’s about the same size as a standard mouse pad. The set up is quick and easy and straight away I was printing labels like nobody’s business. I labelled envelopes, parcels, files, even the cat.

Well, I tried labelling the cat. Turns out cat fur isn’t great at holding onto stickers. Who knew?

The PT-2730 can be used as a standalone printer, or connected to your computer. If you work in a large office, having a portable labeller would save you multiple trips away from your desk (you’ll need 8x AA batteries, though). In the time that I’ve had the PT-2730 sitting next to me on my desk, I’ve been getting a lot of comments about how nice it looks. The P-touch Editor software makes using the labeller really easy. You can customise the text, add clipart or even your own images. The software even has a gallery, showing thumbnails of your previous creations (v. handy for efficiency in the workplace — one way to sell this to your boss if you want to buy one for the office).

If you want to use the labeller as a standalone device (i.e. not connected to your computer), you will find designing labels to be a slower process (though it keeps a dictionary of words you’ve previously typed, just like on smartphones). Full marks to Brother for the QWERTY keyboard, though. I find other labellers with the A-Z keyboard to be really frustrating.

 Here’s an example of how labels turn out – this is an image of the Smarter Admins logo (in jpg format). The printer does a decent job of interpreting the colours and converting it to monochrome. Be careful with low-res images as the printer will tend to print artifacts as small spots in the white space. It can print large and small text well, with improved quality and reduced pixelation compared to older models.


I’m really going to miss having the PT-2730 on my desk. It’s just so handy to have, it hasn’t let me down at all in the weeks that I’ve tested it.

Thank you to Brother Australia and Gap Marketing and Management for supplying Smarter Admins with  the PT-2730 to review!

In short — Brother P-touch PT-2730


  • Quick and quiet
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Countless design options, including clipart (available within the P-touch Editor software) or even your own images saved on your computer
  • Prints greys as well as blacks
  • Good translation of colour images into monochrome
  • Portable (requires 8x AA batteries)
  • Can be used as a standalone device or connected to your computer
  • Slick design so it looks the part on your desk
  • Cassette-style system for quickly changing label type (handy if you use different colour/width labels).


  • Monochrome printing only
  • Some artifacts when printing lower-quality images.

How the Brother P-touch PT-2730 could help you to work smarter, not harder:

  • Print labels for envelopes, folders, files, etc
  • Quick access to your frequently-used labels (available within the P-touch Library software)
  • Print tags for power cords (never accidentally unplug the photocopier’s power cord again!)
  • Label sections within your stationery cupboard, print room, kitchen cupboards/drawers… you can help everyone else to keep the office neat and tidy.

In the next few days, I’ll show you some handy uses for labels created with devices like the PT-2730.

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