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Asking me if I’d like to review a labelling machine is like asking me if I’d like to eat a cupcake. When Brother asked me to try out the QL-700 label printer, I couldn’t reply quick enough: YES PLEASE!

Brother QL-700 label printer
$149.00 RRP
Available from Officeworks  (at RRP), check ShopBot  if you’re looking to save some $.

The QL-700 is the newest cab off the rank for Brother’s printer range; this model is more suited to professional or home office use. It boasts a print speed of 93 labels per minute and interchangeable label rolls so you can produce different labels depending on your need.

I received address labels and continuous labels to test (and boy, did I test them!). I’ve used the printer daily for a couple of months and have really worked the printer to see how it copes in a real office environment.

Setting it up

Setting up the printer is pretty simple; I never referred to the instruction manual and had it up and running within a few minutes. It sits nicely next to my computer and doesn’t have a huge footprint, so it’s not taking up a bunch of space on the desk. You can use the printer using the software stored on the printer’s internal memory. Love it! So many corporate offices these days have locked down computers on so-called “standard operating environments” and no one like to call the helpdesk to get programs installed. This version of the software is pretty basic though and takes a while to print labels; installing the full featured software and drivers provided on the disc gives you the optimal labelling experience including borders, clipart and super dooper quick printing.

In action

Using the P-touch Editor is easy as pie, too. There are plenty of customisation options when designing labels and you can integrate it with Microsoft Office to streamline your labelling process. Hello, efficiency!

Print quality is about what you’d expect for a desktop black and white printer. Some of the smaller font sizes tend to get pixellated, but they’re still readable. I printed a full colour version of the Smarter Admins logo and it did a decent job of converting it into black and white, including gradients and shadows.

Here’s a sample of text at different font sizes.

Sample of the print quality using the Brother QL-700 label printer

Here’s a little video I made showing the printer in action:

The verdict

Having a printer like this hooked up to your computer is a great investment in your productivity. I really liked using the Brother QL-700 and I reckon it’s worth shelling out $150 to get one.

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