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Do you have standard emails that you have to send frequently? In today’s post I’ll explain how I use multiple email signatures to streamline the generic emails you send.

If you already use an email signature, you’ll get the hang of this really quickly.

Repetitive tasks are boring, even when it’s email

I have a tendency to get bored with repetitive tasks at work. My brain starts to wonder if there’s a faster way to get the job done with the required level of professionalism. This is especially so with email; I receive so many emails and need to send even more. I started to see a pattern with the emails I was sending and a whole bunch of scenarios where I could use a standard reply.

It might be in reply to emails I receive:

“Thanks for sending me your resume, I’ll be in touch if an appropriate opportunity opens up within the company”

It could also be emails that I need to send to colleagues once a week:

“This is your weekly reminder to send outstanding reports to me by noon Friday”

Have you been given permission to send emails from your computer on behalf of your manager? You may need their email signature when sending emails from their email address.

There are so many ways that multiple email signatures can streamline your workflow

How do I start using multiple email signatures?

I started to use multiple email signatures in Outlook (you can also use Canned Responses in Gmail) and straight away I could see the difference it was making to my productivity. The beauty of using multiple signatures (as opposed to automated replies) means that you can still personalise the email to suit by adding names, companies, deadlines, etc.

Multiple signatures in Outlook 2010

Here’s a video that explains how to set up multiple email signatures in Outlook 2010:

You’ll notice in the video they demonstrate how to create a ” quick reply” email signature, which is great when you’re replying to an email and don’t need to include your full email signature.

Canned Responses in Gmail

Multiple email signatures aren’t a feature available by default in Gmail, but you can add a feature called Canned Responses. This video explains how to activate Canned Responses and set them up:

Do you use multiple email signatures? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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