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Every Tuesday, Smarter Admins brings you the best tips and tricks from around the web.

Google Apps Learning Center: Administrative Assistants

“If you’re an administrator or coordinator who manages other people’s calendars or email [using Google Apps’ GMail and Google Calendar], here’s how to get started setting up delegation for your manager’s calendar or inbox, creating group meetings or events for large audiences, and more.”

Work Awesome: How to Find Motivation for Boring Work

“Let’s face it. Even at the most interesting work places, boring work will exist. Good days wouldn’t be so good if it weren’t for the bad days. But how do you get motivation to work the boring yet important tasks?”

Lifehacker: What Factors Influence Your Choice Of A New Job?

“It isn’t news that most of us would like to earn a decent salary. However, the pay is rarely the sole motivation for choosing a new job. What other considerations come into play if you’re thinking about taking up a new position?”

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